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Bible Study and Prayer Group

In Trinity we see prayer and Bible study at the heart of our Christian calling. We try to find a variety of frameworks to encourage members to be active in both areas in ways which are appropriate to their personal circumstances, in terms of their time, their talents, their needs and their life experience.

Two groups of people commit to a regular structure of prayer.

Each week a prayer list is distributed to members of the prayer link. Based on an annual Prayer Diary we ensure that we ask members to pray on a regular basis for each of our outreach projects, for local organisations in the community, for partner church fellowships in the local community and in our wider denominational links, and, on a 12 week cycle, for all individuals who are members of the Trinity community. Any specific prayer requests can be added to the list and, if requested, they will be treated as confidential to those involved in the prayer group. The list is normally distributed on Thursday morning, so any requests received by Wednesday evening can be included. Urgent requests are sent to the group at any time. Please contact the Prayer coordinator with any requests or questions.

The Prayer Diary also forms part of the framework for the group which meets for half an hour in the church vestry at 9.30 each Friday morning (with short breaks for August, Christmas and Easter). The group is open to any who wish to join. At the start there is a brief time sharing concerns that people wish to bring in prayer. One of the group leads a short opening prayer; there is a time in the middle when each of the members on the current week's list are named, and a closing prayer at the end. The remaining time is mostly in silent prayer, unless anyone chooses to pray out loud.

Bible Study is active throughout the year in several groups, many of which are ecumenical. Some groups are long-established and others meet just for a particular series of meetings. It has been established practice for many years that during Lent the Knebworth family of Churches organises a series of ecumenical groups studying the same material in several house groups. Over the years this has led to greater understanding of the similarities and the differences of our denominations and helped to draw the people of the churches in Knebworth closer together.



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