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Good Egg Club

The Good Egg Club project was hatched at Easter 2001.  

A group of Christians from all the Knebworth Family of Churches decided that it was time to build on previous Holiday Club initiatives in Knebworth over the years and launch an ecumenical outreach to the Primary School age children of the community. Since then the Good Egg Club meets for three consecutive morning sessions each Easter Holiday and Summer Holiday. Bookings are open to all Primary School age children (Reception to Year 6) on a 'first come - first served' basis.  

The project draws on the enthusiasm and talents of a wide range of leaders and helpers, always welcoming new recruits to maintain the vitality of the sessions. Some young people have graduated from the Good Egg Club and returned later to serve as helpers. Children's places are in great demand, and it usually operates with a full quota of 50 children. 

Good Egg Club draws together children and adults to celebrate together God's love for us all through a variety of  activities, where we each may learn more of what it means to follow Jesus. Many different themes have been used as the framework for fun fellowship, creativity and action.  The two hour sessions are packed with stories, music, drama, cooking, crafts, games, jokes and much more. We hardly have time for the refreshment break! Christianity is explored with the help of child-centred material from Scripture Union and other sources, including 'home-spun'.  

Themes so far have included Jesus, his disciples, his healing, his parables, the Easter story, Noah, Moses, Jonah, Caring for Creation... Skills have included spinning, stained glass, singing with sign language, lace-making.... 

On 31st October each year Good Egg Club meet to celebrate Light and Life with a party featuring plenty of games and treats but no tricks! 

Enquiries (from children or helpers) are welcomed and children's details can be held on the register so they receive mailing of any forthcoming activities.



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