The Living Room

The Living Room premises are at the Glebe in Stevenage and the organisation helps young people with addiction problems. For a number of years now they have provided a day care service for adults receiving about 200 referrals each year. Thanks to a grant from the Hertfordshire Community Foundation the service can now be extended to 13 to 17 year-olds.

The Living Room will help young people addicted to - or at risk of becoming addicted to - alcohol, street drugs such as cannabis and cocaine, or prescribed drugs such as sleeping pills. The scheme will also cater for eating disorders and gambling addictions and it is hoped to extend the service to prevent the young binge drinker of today becoming the alcoholic of tomorrow.  Many miraculous recoveries among adults have been observed, so the Living Room are excited about this new group. Living Room hopes its success will inspire other organisations to invest in its work.  We have the opportunity to help that work during June.