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Monthly Message
March 2018

As last week was half term, we offered to have both grandsons for the day to provide a little parental relief. All went well until boredom set in after lunch….. I raided the DVD store and found a Tom and Jerry film; this met with approval until I opened the box, no DVD was to be found! Disaster!

Isn't this how we feel when we find something that looks great, but doesn't live up to its promise?  One thing I find that lives up to its promise is the promise of God that he knows all of us and holds us in his hands. As we enter Lent and wait for Easter, let us remember the resurrection of Jesus which is a real event which gives us all hope for the future.  It is the custom to give up something for Lent; however this is a short-term event. Surely it is better to go for the longer-term approach, and reflect regularly on our faith and what it means?

Best wishes,

Kathy Cole - Trinity Elder



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