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Monthly Message
February 2018

Are you stuck in a rut? Is each day the same:

  • get up

  • go through the motions

  • go to bed

  • next day repeat ?

Do we think if it's Thursday it's sausages and Friday is Fish (and chips) If so, why don’t we try to do something different? Small changes can make a huge difference to our daily life. How about:

  • taking a different route to buy our daily paper;

  • actually saying hello to everyone we meet;

  • increasing our activity levels just a little;

  • walking a little faster

  • choosing the fruit first then see if there’s still room in our tums for cake?

Could we try a new recipe, try a new author at the library or bookshop, try a new hobby, even listen to a different kind of music or do we think the world as we know it would end? What would happen if we did try one or more new thing and liked them? Wouldn’t our lives be better?

How about our spiritual lives? Jesus changed the world; he showed a radical way of living, loving folk talking to people as human beings not inferiors, speaking out against injustice, changing the world a little at a time. Remember he started small with just 12 disciples. Do we always say the same prayers at the same time? Do we feel uncomfortable if we see a new (or new to us) hymn on the board? If we always do what we’ve always done we will always get what we’ve always got. Is 2018 the year to question if that is enough and, if not, what we have to do to change?

Best wishes,

Jackie Hall - Trinity Elder



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