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Monthly Message
September  2014


There was a great glowing harvest moon in the sky. It looked so close that I felt I could reach out and touch it.   I used to play that game with my grandchildren, many moons ago!

To this day, I still find it amazing to think men have walked on the surface and that there is now talk of space holiday flights. At the time of the moon walk, humanity had taken a great step forward, and somehow it felt that our world would never be the same again. There have been other space probes and more satellites bringing us the most remarkable pictures of other planets, however, when we look at the vast expanse of the yet unexplored universe, we realise that we know so little and have so much to learn.

Many scientists now tell us that the more they study the great mysteries of the universe, the more they become convinced of its marvellous design, and the probability of a ‘tomorrow’s world’ among the great stars out there in space is becoming more likely every day. 

During recent times, I have heard with sadness of several deaths. A young man who had much to give the world left a young wife and two unborn babies, another old Friend who lived a long and remarkable life,  an elderly couple who died days apart and who shared a funeral that witnessed much to their mutual goodness.

Knowing God’s love for all his creation, it is hard to believe that the hopes and aspirations of lives scarcely yet begun and the gifts and experience of a long and useful life could ever be allowed to be wasted.  If we believe in a Creator who endows every living thing with purpose and pattern, can we not be assured that the good qualities and promise of these same lives can be used in some way by God in His tomorrow’s world?   

I like to think so.

Sandra Robey




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