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April  2014


Just a Thought

Isn’t it strange how it’s always the nicest things that get broken; a favourite cup or teapot, whilst the cheapest mug or ugly vase seem to bounce back time and time again! The other day I broke a glass cake-stand and got upset. It had been used at childhood birthday parties and other family occasions, it wasn’t valuable or particularly rare. However, each time I used it I was reminded of those memories. My grand-daughter seemed to have the right approach; “At least you had the pleasure of using it. If it had remained at the back of the cupboard, wrapped in bubble wrap, the cake stand might have survived, but what use would it have been?”

It was not meant to be an expensive heirloom, or a museum piece, it was meant to hold cakes and fruit and that is what it did, and in the process it helped to create memories.

We are not designed to be exhibition pieces, or to live in a glass case or display cabinet. If we do not speak up, we do not risk saying the wrong thing; if we never smile, we will not get wrinkles around our eyes; if we never dirty our hands, maybe our nails would look better, however what use would we be to anyone?

Jesus knew the feel of the dusty road beneath his feet. His hands had been splintered in the carpenter’s shop long before they were torn by the nails of the cross. He came to show us how to live in the world – not on the sidelines – nor even in the rarefied atmosphere of a church. Living is a risky business and if we take part in life we must expect to get chipped and cracked, or even shattered in the process. Then we shall be in good company with the One who gave himself unstintingly to the service of others and whose body was broken for us.

Sandra Robey

Best wishes

Sandra Robey



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