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Monthly Message
June 2018

When leaving church on Sunday, a few of us heard a bird singing loudly; not unusual in Knebworth but it had a very unusual but wonderful song (very tuneful). After listening for a few minutes, we tried to find our resident bird expert to ask the name of this unknown bird singing so loudly, but he was busy in another part of the building and could not be found.

We left the building again and after a moment of silence, against all hope again came the bird song loud and proud full of the joy of being alive or, maybe,  it was just pleased to see the sun. Where it was, I donít know as I couldnít see it but it made all who heard it smile and feel a little bit full of love and wonder at the beauty of God's world, full of the feel-good factor. We smiled at each other as we remarked on this unexpected gift from God and left ready to share our good fortune with all we met that day. In monetary terms the cost had been nothing, free to all who would pause a moment and just listen. Those who did hear felt God's love, giving us a lift, a hug, whatever we needed at that moment. The message is that God's love was, and is, for each and everyone, loud and clear.

Have a great Summer.

Best wishes,

Jackie Hall (Trinity Elder)



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