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Monthly Message
May 2017

How do you walk? Do you walk quickly, getting from A to B in the shortest possible time or perhaps meander, taking in the views, chatting to folk along the way? Do you walk in the correct manner; heel through the foot to toe, evenly distributing your weight? Easier said than done. A moment's lapse in concentration and you could lean slightly to one side. Perhaps you won’t notice but look at the soles of your shoes; is one side more worn than the other? Oops!. Not so easy this mundane activity.

Do you walk with 'phone in hand, so as not to waste a moment of your time? Is walking a pleasure, come rain or shine? You do your 10,000 steps - and so often many more -  feeling ever so slightly smug when your pedometer or FitBit signals that you have completed your task.

How do you walk through life? The same way, head down, avoiding any distractions, doing what you have to do and no more? Is everything you do correct and who decided it was so?  Have you ever thought about doing things differently? Is that scary or exciting?

Are you aware that Jesus is walking beside you every step of the way, both the fast hurry hurry steps and the more leisurely thoughtful steps, and even the tricky ones in between? Jesus walked far in his life and experienced many things; so why not talk as you walk as he is a great listener.

WWJD Walk With Jesus Daily

Best wishes,

Jackie Hall - Trinity Elder



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