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The Mission Group brings together a small group of church members, to seek God's guidance on how best to spend mission giving collections; through prayer, discussion and reflection.The group meet 4 times a year and decides how to apportion collections for a variety of local, national and international charitable beneficiaries by agreeing an annual calendar of giving.Members also participate in additional charitable functions, including responding to national and international crises appeals.

Trinity supports a different charity each month. Click on a month below to see which charity we are supporting that month:  
  January February March April    
  May June July August    
  September October November December    
January / February North Herts and Stevenage Samaritans  

Samaritans (fifty years old in November 2003) offers 24-hour confidential emotional support to anyone in distress. Their vision is for a society where fewer people die by suicide because people are able to share feelings of emotional distress openly without fear of being judged. They believe that offering people the opportunity to be listened to in confidence, and accepted without prejudice, can alleviate despair and suicidal feeling. The service (in UK and Republic of Ireland) is offered by 18,300 trained volunteers and its future depends on voluntary support.

To find out more about Samaritans click here.

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March / April SOS Haiti / Easter Offering  

Port au Prince was still recovering from tropical storms in November 2008, which destroyed 10,000 homes, when it was struck by a devastating earthquake in January 2010.  

The Childrenís Village provides temporary shelter for children in the affected area, but the needs of a child whose family and home have been destroyed in an earthquake extend long beyond immediate medical and trauma care. A long term home is provided for those who have been orphaned by the disaster.

All proceeds from the Easter Offering go to the Methodist Church Fund for World Mission to support the work of 61 Methodist Churches worldwide. This enables the following to be funded:

  • Grants for partner churches

  • Training for mission partners,

  • Support for long and short term mission partners

  • The World Church in Britain programme

  • Funding for the work of nationals in mission appointments

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May / June The Living Room and Christian Aid Week  

The Living Room premises are at the Glebe in Stevenage and the organisation helps young people with addiction problems. For a number of years now they have provided a day care service for adults receiving about 200 referrals each year. Thanks to a grant from the Hertfordshire Community Foundation the service can now be extended to 13 to 17 year-olds.

The Living Room will help young people addicted to - or at risk of becoming addicted to - alcohol, street drugs such as cannabis and cocaine, or prescribed drugs such as sleeping pills. The scheme will also cater for eating disorders and gambling addictions and it is hoped to extend the service to prevent the young binge drinker of today becoming the alcoholic of tomorrow.  Many miraculous recoveries among adults have been observed, so the Living Room are excited about this new group. Living Room hopes its success will inspire other organisations to invest in its work.  We have the opportunity to help that work during November.

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July To be determined  

The charity for 2014 has yet to be determined.

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August / September Farming Community Network  

FCN is a UK network of groups of volunteers drawn from the farming community and rural churches. FCN volunteers are there to Ďwalk withí and support farming people and families as they seek to resolve their problems, whatever they may be.

To find out more click on this link

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October / November The Haven / Harvest / Shoe Boxes For Romania  

Trinity has been associated with The Haven in Stevenage for several years now, a relationship that has benefited both of us.  The Haven plays an important part in supporting vulnerable people in the community who do not have the privilege of a home to which they can return each evening. Right now The Haven is moving to new premises that will allow them to provide more support to the homeless, particularly daytime facilities. The extension of their ministry will, of course, cost more and we can help the on-going work through our thank-offerings in October.

To find out more about The Haven click here.

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December Action for Children  



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