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Knebworth Youth Project

Knebworth Youth Project is a joint enterprise between Knebworth Family of Churches and the community at large. It has a management committee consisting of representatives of the churches in Knebworth, the community in general and individuals directly concerned with the running of the clubs. Funding is provided on a regular basis by Trinity's Borne Bequest and Knebworth Village Trust and on an occasional basis by North Herts District Council, Hertfordshire County Council and some local commercial enterprises. Occasional fund raising events are also run by KFC. The project is supported in kind by Knebworth Parish Council in the use without charge, of the pavilion located in the recreation ground and similarly,Trinity Church in the use of its premises. This generous support from the churches and community means that membership of the clubs can be free at the point of use.

The project operates two clubs both meeting in term time from 6.30pm to 9.00pm, the Youth Café on Thursdays at the pavilion and the Friday club at Trinity. The clubs are open to all young people of secondary school age. Although the Youth Café is focussed on an older age group and Friday on younger, many young people attend both.

The Friday Club concentrates on young people in school years 7 to 9 although those older are admitted. On club nights there is time to play soft football, chat to friends, play pool, table football or have a go on the Playstation or Wii. Cooking and craft activities are available and we also provide an internet connection. In addition, the Club has organized a number of special events, such as DJ and Street dance workshops, pamper sessions for the girls and also a bowling night for the boys and bowling for everyone.

For young people, mostly in school year 10 and above, we have the youth café in the pavilion on Thursday evenings. Here young people can socialize with friends in a café style environment as well as play table tennis and pool.

If you would like someone to contact you to explain how you can help with the Knebworth Youth Project, please contact:

youthwork [at] trinitychurchknebworth [dot] org [dot] uk



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