Seeking a new minister 

Since our last minister left us in 2019, a lot of preparatory work has taken place to find a replacement. To illustrate the process of recruiting a URC Minister, and at the same time keep everyone up-to-date - both essential aspects for everyone, a graphical timeline has been devised to show the important steps that have to be taken. This timeline is shown below:

Search for new minister - time

As you can see (from the ticks), we are more than half-way towards completing this process. However, after a prospective Minister has 'preached with a view' (the last step in the timeline) a period has to be allowed before the chosen person is physically in place and taking services regularly. As of now it is impossible to gauge that length of time. The process so far has been straightforward enough but has taken more time than usual because four churches are involved. Each church has had to prepare its own up-to-date profile and all four have had to be combined into one agreed document before this was submitted to North Thames Synod to use as part of the recruitment process.

We have reached that point and, arguably, all we have to do now is to wait for a candidate to come forward! Naturally, as previously stated, the timeline will be updated as each stage of the process is completed and the revised timeline published here.