Worshipping together since 1996

Early in 2020, an enthusiastic group of Trinity members spent a Leadership Day at Westminster College in Cambridge with a view to looking into the future of a church that had been without a minister for 6 months and when Covid-19 was a minor threat on the horizon.
How times have changed!

Among the priority outcomes for further action from the discussions that day, apart from the continuing search for a new minister, was a unanimous desire to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Trinity as a Local Ecumenical Partnership (LEP). One of the projects developed to mark this milestone is a history of how the LEP came into being and making it as accessible as possible to all. Anyone who does not have access to to the world-wide web will be sent a printed copy.
You now have a choice as to what you view first of two "files".

The first link will take you to a collection
of views from the five Ministers that have served Trinity since 1996. The second or third link takes you to a file containing a Timeline that presents those 25 years in graphic form highlighting any significant events along the way.

Which you view first is entirely up to you but 
please enjoy what you see and read! 

While those involved in its compilation make no apologies for errors or oversights, we wish to thank all who have contributed to this project that marks this significant period of time for our church, Trinity Church in Knebworth.

Your “History Boys” are Graham Fothergill, Colin Stringer and Peter Bodden.
April 2021

Link to our Ministers' Recollections and Thoughts


Link to the Timeline, graphic presentation of the History of Trinity as an LEP


NB The Timeline file format is a PowerPoint presentation and moves between the slides automatically. IF you don't have the Microsoft program PowerPoint then an alternative version can be found by clicking on the link below to open a PDF version of the Timeline. This version needs to be operated manually, page by page.


PS All feedback will be welcome! Also, at the time of writing, the constraints imposed by the pandemic are gradually being  loosened so please check with this web-site for further events celebrating Trinity@25 as well as progress, we pray, being maintained towards holding live-streamed, then in-person, services at Park Lane.