Did you realise that Trinity Church will be 25 years old in 2021?
Our church, your church, is a Local Ecumenical Partnership (LEP) and has its origins way back in the last century. In 2021 we have the opportunity to celebrate 25 years as a Methodist/United Reformed LEP, a true Silver Anniversary!
The exact date was 25 March 1996 and Trinity Elders have agreed that this significant anniversary should be properly recognised by a manageable programme of celebratory events. A Steering Group has been appointed by Elders and now comes your opportunity to help choose how we celebrate this significant milestone.
We will, almost certainly, begin with an appropriate church service, from which we launch what will happen over the following 12 months, and your ideas are sought as to what these events might be.
To get your thought processes going, the following options are set out for your consideration and comment. These were generated by those who were at the pre-lockdown Early Leadership Breakfast and refined by the Elders who met during May.

The list is as follows:-
  1. Talent and Interests Show – similar to that held for the 15th Anniversary?
  2. History of the LEP – a permanent standing exhibition/display within the building, plus other relevant displays located around Knebworth village
  3. BBQ and/or Tea Party
  4. One Truth Youth, party or similar for all young people, not just those associated with Trinity
  5. Good Egg Club – as distinct from above
  6. Youth-oriented Service
  7. Open Church Weekend(s)
  8. Celebrate KFC with a Service 
  9. Songs of Praise – choose from 25 hymns? 
  10. Agape Meal 
  11. Brian Hughes and Victor de Paula to organise a concert and/or invite Eden Consort and friends to hold a celebratory recital. 
The objective is to produce a final list of projects and events as soon as possible BUT, as we are unlikely to have the capacity to undertake all the suggestions, please respond in one of the ways shown below, indicating your top FIVE choices from this list AND also stating if you are willing to be a member of the organising team(s).
If there are not enough volunteers then we will not be able to run a programme of events successfully that matches the importance of the occasion. So please step forward to help, if you are willing and able.  
N.B. Equally important is that parents of Sunday Club and One Truth Youth members also include the opinions of the younger cohort, where relevant.   
Please respond before 15 June in one of the following ways:
  • By sending an email to Becky Amy, the Church Secretary (email:,giving, in addition to the celebratory Church Service, your choice of the five events/projects from the above list that you feel should be considered (indicate by using the number from the list). Also in the email, state whether you are, or are not, willing to become a member of the teams organising these events.
  • By completing the slip that you will find in the printed copy of Trinity Times and returning it to Becky at 27 Haygarth, Knebworth, SG3 6HE.  
On behalf of Trinity Elders, the Trinity@25 Steering Group comprises:
  • Becky Amy
  • Rosie Berry
  • Kathy Cole
  • Camilla Straughn
  • Brian Hughes
  • Peter Bodden  
We look forward to receiving your response!