Church Life

There is lots going on in the church, whether it's on a Sunday morning, midweek, at the church building or out in the community.

Follow the links on the right to learn more about our activities as a church, from Sunday Services to midweek Prayer Group and upcoming event highlights. Be sure to check too the church calendar for the most comprehensive information on dates and times of everything that is happening in the life of Trinity Church.

See also the section of this site on Community Engagement, to read about specific ways that we reach out, as a church, and seek to offer of ourselves into the community as a whole.

And please take a look at our Get Involved page if you would like to learn more about serving in the church and see an indication of current vacancies.

If you have any other question about church life at Trinity, for example around church membership, or a query regarding baptism or christening, getting married at Trinity, or regarding funeral arrangements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Whatever you are looking for at Trinity Church, we hope you find it, and we would be delighted to hear from you.