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Monthly Message 

Each month a different member of the Trinity congregation prepares a few words which we hope that you will find interesting and thought-provoking.

April 2020

At present the world is in the grip of a terrible outbreak of Covid 19; fear is everywhere but there are moments of humour.  I am still training for a couple of Race for Lifes which may not happen but still training just in case. So, neighbours are used to me resembling a bright red puffing snail, Dog walkers let me pass probably in the knowledge that, if I slow down or stop, I may not be able to get going again with a wave of their hands or in one case a bow. In the rain or hail other folk out and about give an encouraging shout or wave whilst others faster than me (that’s most folk) smile and shout to keep going. I did once overtake someone and, oh the satisfaction and joy that bought! God shows his sense of humour by switching the wind which is against me on the way out so that it is also against me on the way back and the rain starts just as I am at the halfway point of my run so I can choose to laugh or cry but carrying on is the only option.

That is the only option we have in life today. If we look around, many places which are a major part of our daily life are closed: Churches, mosques,  synagogues, schools, cafes, pubs, etc. and there are many reports of panic-buying. I do wonder what folk are doing with that much loo roll and pasta Do they use them to build something? or make a den as we did in childhood?

There is much reported about the nastiness of some people  However there are many signs of kindness and hope breaking out in the world and local community folk offering to help others FOR FREE!!.  Children and adults putting Rainbows in windows as a sign of hope. This craze is sweeping across the world and I have seen it in both Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City.

Folk smiling from windows at others; people getting creative about the way we communicate with others and perhaps the chance to finally get around to all those jobs we were putting off until we had the time. Well  perhaps the time is now. I did hear of a man who built his house entirely from self-help books and Youtube videos. Whilst not suggesting anything on that scale, the satisfaction of a long-outstanding job done is truly wonderful   and perhaps then is the time to reward yourself with a cup of tea and 'phone a friend or settle down with that favourite beloved book or puzzle.

Life will resume but possibly not as we know it for a while but as someone once said: "How do you spell 'Love'?" The reply was that you don’t spell it, you feel it. Folks please feel God's love in the community and in the wider world.

Keep faith and keep safe.

Jackie Hall Trinity Elder