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Monthly Message 

Each month a different member of the Trinity congregation prepares a few words which we hope that you will find interesting and thought-provoking.

July 2020

“You’re not staying in again!”
With a plaintive miaow, my cat Jasmine leapt lightly onto the arm of my chair. Her gentle head-butts were her way of reassuring me that the world really was OK. How do you explain lock-down to a cat? Every time I sat in my big armchair she thought it was an invitation for extra strokes and cuddles. Not a recipe for relaxation, or for writing.

I must admit she had been a star when I had to do the flea treatment. I pinned her against the patio door while I knelt and gripped her with my knees. This left my hands free to administer the solution – with little complaint. Normally it takes both me and a neighbour to complete the process. I had switched to a six-monthly injection at the vet's but was told this didn’t count as emergency treatment at the Great Ashby Hospital.

Another endearing trait is the hard stare Jasmine gives me when I eat an illicit jam sandwich. My weight management plan at the surgery has been suspended, nor do I have any scales, so the cat helps my conscience!

Recently I was involved with my neighbour's chickens. He had an unplanned overnight stay in hospital, so I volunteered to deal with the animals. There were only two chickens but they resisted my attempts to get them in the coop. At one point I was chasing them around the living room. Finally I spoke to the two dogs, saying “I need your help here”. One immediately lay nose-down and edged the bird towards the door. I then learnt to close the coop behind one chicken at a time as the first bird wandered out again. I was praying for St Francis' help – I think God has a sense of humour!

My daughter, Helena, had an unusual visitor in her Irish garden this week. She identified it as a zebra finch, normally kept as a pet caged bird, one of a pair. After inquiries on Facebook, the probable owner was happy to let Helena keep the bird, which, by now, had a proper cage and food. They put him in a spare room,away from the cats. They could hear him trilling in time to the music – it was Vivaldi's The Goldfinch!

Helena is convinced this little bird was sent as a special gift at a time of bereavement in the family. God has many ways of drawing close – all we have to do is ask.
Rosie Berry
Member of Trinity Church