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Monthly Message 

Each month a different member of the Trinity congregation prepares a few words which we hope that you will find interesting and thought-provoking.

August 2022

Her name is Rhoda; she is just six years old and lives in a village in Malawi. How do I know this? I am her sponsor through World Vision, a Christian based charity working throughout the world in many projects. Changing lives for good in some of the world’s hardest places, helping whole communities grow healthier and stronger; equipping them with tools and knowledge to protect from COVID-19 and climate change. This is done by restoring landscapes, diversifying income and practising safe hygiene.
They help children thrive by improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene, which prevent the spread of diseases such as cholera, COVID-19, diarrhoea and other diseases. When children don’t have to walk miles to fetch dirty water, they can play, learn and thrive like children should.
World Vision is there for disasters’ youngest survivors, providing shelter, sanitation and psychosocial support – a space where they can play safely. Child marriage has been prevented and more children enabled to stay in school.
Last year, a five-year project in Zimbabwe completed, having successfully:
  • Equipped 123,000 children with literacy, numeracy, financial and life skills
  • Trained teachers, adult mentors and girl peer leaders in 300+ schools
  • Given bicycles to students so they could travel to school safely
  • Set up Community Learning Circles in lockdown when schools had to close
  • Established 298 Child Protection Committees to help identify and report abuse
This is just a snapshot of World Vision’s work. For the full Impact Report go to:

World Vision, Hope and a future for all children.

Rosie Berry an Elder at Trinity