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Monthly Message 

Each month a different member of the Trinity congregation prepares a few words which we hope that you will find interesting and thought-provoking.

December 2020

In my last article for the Parish News I reported the arrival of a zebra finch at my daughter’s Irish home.  Her partner visited a friend in Cork and came back with a hen zebra finch; they named them Dave and Sharon. A coconut shell provided a nest lined with feathers from a cushion, and soon Sharon laid five eggs, three of which were viable. The parents took turns at sitting on the eggs and, in due course, three chicks hatched: Snowy, Storm and Thunder. These names were gender-neutral because it takes six weeks for the distinctive bill colour to develop – red for a male, orange for a female.

I have brought you up to date because I think this little family symbolises hope – sometimes I can hear them chirruping over the 'phone.  They certainly have given a new focus to Helena and Damien.

What of events nearer home? By the time you read this, the second lockdown will have just ended, its success or otherwise depending upon everyone’s cooperation. Have you felt better prepared this time? What have you missed most?  Apart from the lack of freedom to roam, I miss most the ability to attend church on a Sunday morning. This has social aspects, as well as spiritual. Services managed by Zoom have their limitations.  I miss the spontaneity of sharing a hug, when words seem inadequate. My mental health has suffered through the lack of corporate worship and absence of my church family. I am grateful for the telephone and friends’ compassionate ears.

How are we going to celebrate Christmas while two metres apart? What about mixed households? The positive news that we are nearing a vaccine must give us hope; it sheds a ray of light on a gloomy lockdown. I can, at least, ask a blessing for our readers during these strange times.

Rosie Berry, an Elder at Trinity.