Room Hire

Trinity Church

Our halls and facilities are used for various Trinity functions and committees, as well as by several clubs which are not connected to the Church.

There are 3 separate halls available for hire, either separately or together, and use of the kitchen facilities is also available. For details of each facility click below:

Large Hall

Large Hall The Large Hall will hold:
  • 72 people seated at tables; or
  • 88 people seated in rows; or
  • 150 people standing.

Small Hall

Small Hall
The Small Hall will hold:
  • 36 people seated at tables; or
  • 40 people seated in rows; or
  • 60 people standing.

Meeting Room    

Meeting Room
The Meeting Room will hold:
  • 14 people seated at tables; or
  • 16 people seated in rows; or
  • 20 people standing.



Trinity has very up-to-date kitchen facilities with 3 hatches, serving various parts of the building.

There is an electric urn, which provides boiling water for refreshments, and a large and smaller electric oven with grill. Altogether, there are 9 hob rings and a microwave. The worktop space is extensive, with a refrigerator and two large sinks.

The kitchen is well lit and has plenty of storage space, containing cutlery and crockery.



(per morning, afternoon or evening session) 

Booking Type Large Hall Small Hall Meeting Room Meeting Room +
Small Hall
  Weekday   Sat / Sun Weekday Sat / Sun Weekday Sat / Sun Weekday     Sat / Sun
A Regular £35 £35 £25 £30 £20 £20 £35 £35
B One-Off (Community) £50 £70 £40 £45 £30 £30 £45 £65
C One-Off (commercial) £80 £100 £50 £70 £40 £60 £70 £100

In addition, the following equipment is available:
Item     Charge
Kitchen: Standard electric cooker    £15
Kitchen: All equipment £20
Data projector in church £40

Children's parties (below senior school age) in the Large Hall are charged at £ 55.

Children's parties at senior school age under adult supervision are charged at the one off community rate as above.

If you are interested in hiring any of the rooms or equipment, contact the Hiring Officer, John Neilson, on 01438 811223.

Please note that the following conditions apply to all hires:
  • Hires on Sunday are restricted to 13:00 - 16:45.
  • Children in any part who are of Senior School age must be under adult supervision.
  • The Church premises cannot be hired during Pre-School terms: Mon-Fri 08:00 - 15:15.
  • Special circumstances are subject to negotiation.
  • Special permission for funerals and their reception held at Trinity are subject to consultation with the Minister.
  • Each hirer has to fill in a booking form to be returned prior to the date of hiring.
  • The hirer will return the booking form, together with a set deposit, if applicable.
  • At the same time the hirer is issued with a set of condition of hire forms.
  • Trinity Church must comply with the licensing laws and apart from that, as a Methodist church, we have a no-alcohol policy. However, we allow wine to be served with meals under certain circumstances. The Hiring Officer is happy to discuss this with you.