The Mission Group brings together a small group of church members, to seek God's guidance on how best to spend mission giving collections; through prayer, discussion and reflection. The group meets 4 times a year and decides how to apportion collections for a variety of local, national and international charitable beneficiaries by agreeing an annual calendar of giving. Members also participate in additional charitable functions, including responding to national and international crises appeals.

Trinity supports a different charity each month. Click on a month below for details of the Outreach project for that month in 2022:

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SamaritansNorth Herts and Stevenage Samaritans

Since 1953 Samaritans have been offering 24-hour confidential emotional support to anyone in distress. Their vision is for a society where fewer people die by suicide because people are able to share feelings of emotional distress openly without fear of being judged. They believe that offering people the opportunity to be listened to in confidence, and accepted without prejudice, can alleviate despair and suicidal feeling. The service (in UK and Republic of Ireland) is offered by 18,300 trained volunteers and its future depends on voluntary support.

To find out more about Samaritans click here.

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Bridge Builders is a Christian Trust which works in partnership with primary school teachers, church leaders and committed volunteers. Our local branch is based at St. Paul’s in Stevenage.
It provides:

  • opportunities for children to explore the Christian faith through assemblies and class work;
  • visits to local churches for themed events;
  • mentoring and pastoral support for vulnerable children: and
  • mid-week clubs for children in years 3-9.
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The Living RoomThe Living Room premises are at the Glebe in Stevenage and the organisation helps young people with addiction problems. For a number of years now they have provided a day care service for adults receiving about 200 referrals each year. Thanks to a grant from the Hertfordshire Community Foundation the service has been extended to 13 to 17 year-olds.

The Living Room helps young people addicted to - or at risk of becoming addicted to - alcohol, street drugs such as cannabis and cocaine, or prescribed drugs such as sleeping pills. The scheme also caters for eating disorders and gambling addictions and it is hoped to extend the service to prevent the young binge drinker of today becoming the alcoholic of tomorrow.  Living Room hopes its success will inspire other organisations to invest in its work.


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World Mission Fund 

Our Easter offering and charity of the month for April this year is The Methodist Church World Mission Fund.

The World Mission Fund supports programmes which are currently administered through Global Relationships.

See more at: 

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 May   Christian Aid


Christian Aid is the official relief and development agency of 41 Christian churches in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and works to support sustainable development, eradicate poverty, support civil society and provide disaster relief in South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Christian Aid also organises the UK's largest door-to-door collection, Christian Aid Week, which takes place in May each year.

Christian Aid Statement: 'Our values are rooted in our Christian belief and are based on our understanding of relational theology, which asserts that human beings are called to have a special relationship with God and in turn to have a particular relationship with one another. Everything we do is in response to God’s gift to the world, of his son Jesus Christ.                                                                                                                         
Jesus promised ‘good news’ for the poor and ‘freedom’ for the oppressed, calling us to action.
Jesus called his followers to ‘love God and love your neighbour’.
Through his life and teaching, his death and his resurrection, he inspired his followers to love God, love their neighbours and long for justice.'

To find out more and to see how to donate, go to https://www.christianaid.org.uk  

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Garden House Hospice Care provides free specialist palliative care for patients, families and carers facing life limiting illnesses  from across North Hertfordshire, Stevenage and towns and villages in Central Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, serving a population of around 230,000 people.

http://www.ghhospicecare.org.uk/support-us/donate   or  call  01462 679540      


Anniversary Offering:  MSF - Medecins sans Frontieres  -Doctors without borders

MSF is an international, medical and humanitarian  organisation working in more than 70 countries around the world. 
Their medical teams work fast to save people's lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics. They go where they are needed most.

See the Mission board display at church in July, or go to their website to see the work they do - https://msf.org.uk/home   

Lower ground floor,
Chancery Exchange

10 Furnival Street, London, EC4A 1AB

 (0)207 404 6600English Charity Reg. No. 1026588

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Farming Community Network


FCN is a UK network of groups of volunteers drawn from the farming community and rural churches. FCN volunteers are there to ‘walk with’ and support farming people and families as they seek to resolve their problems, whatever they may be. To find out more click here.

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The Haven
The Haven plays an important part in supporting vulnerable people in the community who do not have the privilege of a home to which they can return each evening. 

To find out more about The Haven click here.

FCN is a UK network of groups of volunteers drawn from the farming community and rural churches. FCN volunteers are there to ‘walk with’ and support farming people and families as they seek to resolve their problems, whatever they may be. To find out more click here.

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CfL logo with strapline
Commitment for Life is the United Reformed Church's global justice programme.

Commitment for Life is a way in which local congregations are enabled to participate in actions for justice around the world.

Commitment for Life belongs to every congregation. Many choose to support a region in the world through prayer, learning, advocacy, and action for justice.

Our partners are Christian Aid and Global Justice Now. Our four partner regions are Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatamala). 

Commitment for Life means Life-Giving Faith, Defiant Hope & Generous Love

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All We Can



All We Can is a pioneering international development, relief and advocacy organisation that believes in the power of partnership. It has its roots in the British Methodist Church and is inspired by Christian principles to focus on those in greatest need. The charity works through partnerships to end the cycle of suffering caused by poverty, inequality and injustice:

  • We support and strengthen local partners – organisations, churches and emerging initiatives that share our vision and values – to implement effective and sustainable solutions for people living in some of the world’s poorest and least served communities.

  • We respond to humanitarian crises with emergency support and help communities to be better prepared for disasters.

  • We engage in advocacy and education, both in Britain and internationally, to tackle some of the systemic causes of poverty.            

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Action for Children

Action for Children is the UK’s leading Children’s charity. It supports UK’s most vulnerable and neglected children, young people and their families, so that they can reach their full potential. Some are unable to live with their birth families, while others are disabled or experiencing severe difficulties in their lives.
Action for Children’s vision is a world where all children and young people have a sense of belonging and are loved and valued.

To find out more about this charity click here.

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